Insurance is another field we can provide support in, offering information and advice, and recommending professional companies with whom we have worked together well for many years. They offer a wide range of services, but home contents insurance is the main type of coverage sought by our clients:

Home Contents Insurance

Focusing on the building and its contents, Home Contents Insurance covers damage to the structure of the property resulting from fire, lighting, storms, explosions and water damage caused by you or your neighbours. The amount insured is based on the rebuild value of your property.

The policy also covers damages to your belongings, including from theft and burglaries, and is based on the value you have insured them for. Home Contents automatically comes with Liability Insurance, so that you’re covered should there be damage to third parties caused by yourself or your pets.

When you buy with Costa Coveta, we are on hand to provide advice and suggestions, offering information on the different options and referring you to Liberty Seguros, with whom we have worked successfully for many years.