Buying a Property in El Campello

If you are looking for a property in Spain and are interested in the area of El Campello, we have a first-class selection of properties available. Our listings are selected on the quality of their location, price/value and of course the homes themselves – and we make the search and purchase process easy, efficient and transparent for buyer and vendor alike.

We provide information regarding the state of the market, price trends and the relative characteristics of different areas and property types. This, along with references to independent sources of information, provide the background against which you should make your choice, and we adapt the advice we give depending on whether you are primarily buying as an investor or an end-user, but always assume you are looking for a quality home in a good location that offers good future capital growth potential.

We work with other trusted agents and real estate professionals in the area, so that we are able to recommend not only lawyers for the due diligence process but also those insurance brokers, mortgage providers, foreign exchange specialists, constructors and surveyors whose reputation is built on many years of providing a reliable, authoritative service. Should you be looking for land on which to build, we can also provide a report on the planning regulations that apply.

For us, helping you to find your dream home is just the beginning of a process that also involves providing information on the legal regulations and safeguards, local rates and national taxes, purchasing costs and the steps that follow once you have made the transaction and the property is registered in your name. This is the point at which you can begin to enjoy your new property and environment, and we aim to ensure nothing stands in the way of it.