Selling your property

There are different ways to approach the sale of a property. Naturally the homeowner can try to do it alone, and if you have a large network of friends looking for a property like yours you may even be successful, but like any professional process involving marketing, presentation, taxes and legal frameworks to work within, the people best equipped for dealing with it in an efficient way are those for whom it is a fulltime occupation.

In other words, professional real estate agents with many years experience are familiar with all the different facets of property sales, ranging from the legal and financial aspects to the most effective way of promoting a property and bringing it to the attention of a large international audience.

At Costa Coveta we have the experience, local knowledge and marketing skill to ensure that your property is not just listed and forgotten, but actively promoted in a professional and attractive manner. What’s more, we create a simple, transparent process that takes much of the work out the equation for homeowner and buyer alike, and gives both peace of mind and security.

The Sales Process


Anyone can measure a property’s area, make a list of its specifications and amenities, and then calculate a value, but the skill of the experienced valuer lies in his or her knowledge of the local market, areas and the subtleties that affect prices at any given time.

It is therefore easy to tell a homeowner what he or she wants to hear in order to put the property on your books, but if the price is too high the home will not sell and the agency will not have done its job. We therefore advocate honesty and accuracy, valuing properties at a saleable market value that will draw interest.


In consultation with you we develop the marketing strategy for your property, treating each home as an individual case. The questions we consider are whether or not you would benefit from a For Sale sign, how and where we should advertise, which buying public to focus on most, and how to promote the property online. From this comes a coherent and concentrated strategy.


An important part of the process is how your property is presented. At Costa Coveta we place value on providing quality descriptions, attractive imagery and clear and concise information for prospective buyers. This applies to how your property is presented on our website, as well as in brochures, advertisements and other marketing material.

Sales Management

Liaising with you and keeping you up to date, we actively promote your property, responding to every enquiry that comes in and providing a full information dossier on the property (as required by law), as well as maintaining a transparent and traceable log of the entire sales process involving your home.

Acting as the intermediary between vendor and buyer, we advise both parties on the steps that lead from initial price negotiation and reservation though to due diligence and completion of the transaction before a notary.