Car Insurance

As a resident or a non resident you can buy a car, insure the car and drive it in Spain. There is sometimes confusion. However, you must have an NIE number in Spain, but if you own a property in Spain you will have a NIE already.

No claim bonus in your home country is valid in Spain. This way we can offer you a competitive quotation.

Do you have a car in Spain and want to compare price and coverage; we can send you a free quote.

We can offer three different car insurance:

  • Liability
  • Liability Plus (fire, theft, broken windows and total loss)
  • All Risk

Roadside Assistance is included for all three insurances.


It is a legal requirement to insure your car in Spain for Liability. This insurance is a basic insurance and the cheapest among the three. It insures you against damage you cause to others. Damage to your car is outside this coverage.

In a Liability Insurance there is no insurance excess.

Liability Plus

This insurance is similar to the Liability supplemented by insurance cover for your own car against fire, theft, broken windows and a total loss in an accident.

In a Liability Plus there is also no insurance excess.

All Risk

An all-risk insurance covers all damages in an accident, theft, fire, including damage that you cause to your own vehicle.

In these cases the insurance company will pay the full cost of repair or catalog value. The insurance company will also reimburse you if someone else damages your car.

Own risk

In an all-risk insurance you can have a own risk. This helps you to keep your premium low. The higher the own risk the lower the premium.

The deductible amounts to choose are from € 180, - till € 1,800,- Amounts between € 300, - and € 600, - give you the most benefit in proportion to the premium.

Importing vehicle

Do you want to import a car into Spain, we can help. Your car will be registered in Spanish registration and then the car can be insured. Road tax is very cheap in Spain. For more information email or call us!

Personal advice

Our office is agent of LIBERTY SEGUROS and can offer you competitive auto insurances but for this we request you to contact our office.

Want to know more about possible insurance or want a preliminary appointment with us?

More information

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